VulnWatcher Enterprise

VulnWatcher Enterprise

Taking Vulnerability Management to the next level, VulnWatcher Enterprise provides all the tools and insight your security team needs to quickly and efficiently deal with threats whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing SIEM processes. Just like a work of art shouldn’t be appreciated from just one viewpoint, your network shouldn’t be limited to one security scanner; assess your network from multiple angles and leave no stone unturned. Truly the Vulnerability Management Swiss army knife.

Some of VulnWatcher Enterprise features

Multiple Security Scanners

Access your network using multiple security scanners, don’t be limited to just one view.

API access

Our API allows your developers to seamlessly integrate vulnwatcher with your existing tools.

SIEM Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your existing SIEM processes.

Calculate risk

Quantify your risks and put them into perspective to help on fixing decision-taking.

Network policy

Networks are ever-changing, define different network policies that match your needs.

Calculate severity

Quantify the severity of discovered vulnerabilities to quickly identify the most dangerous.

IP Scan

Scan internal and external IP addresses and ranges, leave no stone unturned and protect your assets the way they should be protected, using the highest standards.

URL scan

Scan websites and URL’s for vulnerabilities, leave no stone unturned and protect your assets the way they should be protected, using the highest standards.

No Installs (SaaS)

No installs means you can quickly start visualizing your vulnerabilities and acting on them without high deployment costs.

PDF Reports

Export and save reports in PDF format for offline access, attachment sending or simply archiving for compliance and future reference.

Powerful Reports

Reports available on any device for on-the-move quick and concise information access.

Ticketing system

Assign the right people to the right issues, streamline and account your fixing efforts.


Identify and analyze trends and patterns on your IT infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Scan profiles

Define custom scanning profiles including hundreds of custom tunable settings and plugin choices. Don’t be tied to defaults.

Custom reports

Have it your way with custom reports that suit your business and its hierarchies.

Email notification

Get notified via email of newly discovered vulnerabilities and important alerts straight to your inbox.

Scan profiles

Be notified instantly via SMS so that precious time is not wasted and vulnerabilities are timely acted upon.

Modern and Intuitive

Quickly and intuitively find the desired information, waste no time.

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