VulnWatcher, the right choice

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Why VulnWatcher

VulnWatcher is equipped with a database which recognizes thousands of vulnerabilities from various manufacturers and various tests which can be carried out to identify as yet unknown vulnerabilities. Optionally, an expanded database can be used to detect even very weak points of old systems. VulnWatcher combines these databases and techniques to provide you with a clean, correlated view of your vulnerabilities. All devices that have an IP address can be checked. Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure covers changes in the systems and thus not only weaknesses of manufacturers, but also misconfigured systems, which in turn can be a safety hazard. Take a moment to understand how VulnWatcher tackles the Vulnerability Management process.

  • Improve IT security quality
  • Long-term cost savings through process optimization and mapping
  • Continuous monitoring of the IT infrastructure
  • Creating a map of your security infrastructure (inventory of your systems and the services running on it)
  • Verification of vulnerabilities before they are exploited and cause damage
  • Ideal for perimeter (external) audit and, as an appliance/virtual machine, for internal audit
  • No software or hardware installation required with SaaS
  • No software installation when using an appliance or VM
  • Swiss-made security
  • Various compliance audits such as PCI support with customized reports

Inventory (security mapping)

A scan of your IP address range checks which hosts and services are active. This knowledge forms the basis for a Vulnerability Assessment.


Define the value of the resource or information, and the concomitant threat to decrease the risk of your situation can be calculated accordingly.

Prioritize Assets

According to the data in the risk assessment, priorities are calculated, and the degree of priority determined.

Discover and Verify

Check your systems based on the selected criteria and identify weaknesses and changes. Fixed vulnerabilities are rechecked to ensure they do not reoccur.

Notification (report)

Once a report is generated, an event in the ticketing system opens and sends notifications via email and text message when exceeding a defined risk threshold to the intended users.


Weaknesses can finally be addressed in accordance with the priorities and proposals on VulnWatcher to ensure they do not reoccur.