DefineSecurity QR Verification Solutions

Validation Software

DefineSecurity QR model is the smartest solution for product verification and document traceability.
The “certified” QRcode technology developed to support fight against fraud related to false certificates and unfair competition related to counterfeit products.


Counterfeiting products and goods, related documentation or the same certificates, may led to lowering products and equipment quality, negatively affecting both market regulations and companies. Moreover, this represents a hazard to consumers, who buy products lacking of quality and safety.

The relevance of the problem is well-known on the market. However, nowadays it affects the supply chain in a more significant way, due to the expansion of international trade, delocalization of suppliers, economic operators – recently entered in WTO – using inappropriate business methods. As a consequence, fighting counterfeiting and checking documents and products and or equipment integrity require innovative technological solutions joint to a depth knowledge of market dynamics.

Certificate Verification Solution
By scanning a unique QR Code on a certificate into an app, it is possible to view the candidates results online. This can be used externally to verify the content of an exam certificate and ensure that it has not been altered.

DefineSecurity QR

DefineSecurity has developed , a versatile solution based on a web/mobile application that enables to easily verify the authenticity of any product or equipment, of its certificates or related documents.

DefineSecurity QR integrates the inherent potential of QRcodes with an interactive system: documents and product information are digitalized using Computer Vision techniques (i.e., Image Recognition and OCR – Optical Character Recognition), and stored using systems based on a cloud architecture. In such a way they can be modified, exchanged with third parties, and tracked; each information is encrypted using encryption algorithms that ensure the best protection to data.

DefineSecurity QR is developed in collaboration with QIRIS, a start-up accelerator with key competences in mobile Apps, cloud computing, and SaaS.

Who is it for?

DefineSecurity QR is suitable both for large companies and for SMEs that correctly operate on markets leveraging on quality, reliability and growth. In addition to generating a positive impact on operators, the use of DefineSecurity QR increases their protection against frauds. Moreover, Our fosters customers in counteracting counterfeiting and unfair competition.

DefineSecurity QR can be applied to almost every market sector. Specifically, the main customers of DefineSecurity QR are companies that require protection from document and product counterfeiting, and, in general, from adverse events that can compromise the authenticity of goods, documents, equipment, and products.

Customer get access to a web platform for document management that enables them to associate a QRcode to any document or certificate containing key information about materials, products, or equipment, such as technical specifications or datasheets. All documents and certificates are stored in cloud servers, so that they can be available to the users of the DefineSecurity QR mobile application. This, in turn, enable authorized users to check the correspondence between the information contained in the QRcode and what is stated on the product/equipment/document. Each information is encrypted with industry-standard security systems.